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UL 924 Inverters & Emergency Power Controls by LVS Controls

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Welcome to LVS Controls - an industry leader in UL924 emergency power controls & inverters - for over 20 years LVS has designed & manufactured innovative, reliable products with exceptional value for our customers.

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Emergency lighting inverter
#1) CEPS Inverters (NEW SIZES!):
2000W, 1500W, 1000W, 850W, 500W, 350W, 240W Emergency Lighting Inverters
Power up to 2000W of fluorescent, LED or incandescent fixtures during utillty power interruption.

Design & installation assistance at no charge or obligation. MADE IN USA.

Emergency power controls
#2) EPC-A-1:
20A Emergency Power Control (Junction Box/Fixture Mount)
Can be mounted inside any junction box, no monthly test required (Automatic Test)
#3) EPC-1:
20A Emergency Power Control (Flush Mount)
Power indiactor LED`s - 20 Amp Rated with automatic diagnostic, can be mounted inside 4-11/16 junc
#4) EPC-PM:
20A Emergency Power Control (Plenum Mount)
20 Amp rated emergency power control, can be mounted inside 4-11/16 junction box
Emergency Power Control for 0-10V and DALI loads
20 A emergency power control for low voltage dimming loads including 0-10V and Digitally dimmed Fluorescent and LED.
Specialty Products
Specialty Products:
Products for unique applications
LVS carries the most extensive UL924 controls line available.  Our experience and focus means we carry a range of products for special applications that fill your jobs unique requirements.
Emergency Power Controls
#5) EPC-D-F:
Emergency Power Control For Dimmable Loads
For 2, 3 & 4 wire dimmable loads. Includes integral test switch and red & green power indicator LEDs. Universal mount (flush, surface, recessed).
load shedding & shunt relays
#6) RRU , RRU-1 , RRU-2:
UL924 Shunt Relays
Includes N/O, N/C, and Form C (N/O & N/C) Dry Contact relays for shunting, load shedding, and interface applications.  UL924 listing.  Line voltage input.
0-10V Shunt Relay
DPDT Bypass for Wireless/Fixture mounted lighting controls
#7) RTS Series:
Load Shedding, Plug Load, and 0-10V Dimming Controls
Low Voltage Lighting Controls for any application.